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Apple pancakes

Apple pancakes

Apple Pancakes Recipe from of 13-04-2012 [Updated on 19-06-2017]

After trying the classic pancakes I wanted to experiment with a variant with the addition of apples to the batter dough, The apple pancakes were very soft, fragrant and really tasty, ideal for a slightly different breakfast. I couldn't leave you without a new sweet this week, and with these apple pancakes I wish you a happy Friday and we will read you next week with lots of new recipes. Kisses to those who pass by


How to make apple pancakes

In a bowl mix flour, yeast, salt and sugar. In another bowl, beat the egg, add the milk and the cooled melted butter, and mix well. In the dry ingredients make a central space where you will pour the liquids.

Mix the mixture well with a fork
Grate the apples with a large-hole grater, and add them to the mixture.

Mix well with a fork adding, if you like, a pinch of cinnamon.

Heat a knob of butter in a non-stick pan and pour a ladle of batter that will spread out by itself forming the classic circular shape of pancakes.

As soon as the pancakes start to bubble on the surface, turn them with the car of a spatula
Cook the other part for half a minute

As the apple pancakes are ready, place them on a plate on top of each other to form the characteristic tower.

Serve the apple pancakes by coating them with maple syrup, honey or jam

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