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Kumquat jam

Kumquat jam

Kumquat jam recipe from of 05-03-2016 [Updated on 07-03-2016]

The kumquat jam is really special, these small fruits, also called Chinese tangerines, differ from other citrus fruits as they are eaten with the whole peel which is sweeter than other citrus fruits despite having a very intense flavor. The sister of one of the girls who works with me has a tree in her garden with kumquats, she brought me some and as a jam lover I am, I immediately prepared this recipe. The fruit, as I said, should not be peeled, but you must have the patience to eliminate all the seeds, the only real difficulty in the execution of the recipe;) Having breakfast with kumquat jam prepared with my hands is something that really makes me joy, especially when I spread a veil on my home made bread, sometimes it takes very little to be happy, don't you think? I leave you to the recipe and I wish you a good weekend; *


How to make kumquat jam

Put the kumquats in a bowl with cold water for at least 2 hours.

Then gently scrub the fruit with a toothbrush to remove any residue.
Cut the tangerines into slices and remove all the seeds.

Put in a saucepan.

Add the brown sugar and the grated zest and lemon juice.

Mix well, then cook the jam over low heat for about 20 minutes, stir occasionally.

Then blend with an immersion blender.

Then do the saucer test (put a little jam on a saucer and tilt it: if the mixture struggles to slip, it's ready).

Once ready, pour the jam into the sterilized jars (go to the guide on how to sterilize the jars), close the cap tightly, turn over and let it cool completely.

And your kumquat jam is ready.

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