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Artichokes with oil, parsley and garlic

Artichokes with oil, parsley and garlic

Recipe Sautéed artichokes of of 30-01-2013 [Updated on 08-08-2017]

The recipe for sautéed artichokes for me was really a revelation, I had never prepared artichokes in this way to serve them as a side dish and I had no idea that adding broth during cooking made them so soft and tasty, certainly many of them. you already knew the recipe and it will seem that I have discovered hot water, but in my house they were a novelty for everyone. The only person I did not convince to taste the sautéed artichokes was my husband who has a real aversion to artichokes, even the smell bothers him and together with asparagus are things that I just can't get him to eat , and to say that he also tasted fried worms in Thailand with me: / the thing I can't stand is the fact that he insists on not even wanting to try a new dish if he knows that there is one of these vegetables internal, you should at least try before saying that something is not 'to your taste, right? thank goodness that Elisa has taken from me and is open to all tastes;) okay, now I run away and greet you, chat aside, I hope I have given you an idea for tonight's dinner, kisses


How to make sautéed artichokes

Clean the artichokes, removing the outer hard leaves, part of the stem and cut the tips.

Cut the artichoke hearts in half, then into wedges and put them in a bowl with the water and the juice of half a lemon.

Meanwhile, in a large pan, brown a clove of garlic, then drain the artichokes, add them to the pan and sauté them over high heat for a couple of minutes

Lower the heat, add salt, pepper and chopped parsley, add a ladle of hot broth and cook for about 10/15 minutes, covering with a lid.
If the artichokes dry out during cooking, add more boiling broth.

Serve the sautéed artichokes decorating the dish with more chopped parsley

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