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Kinder chocolate ice cream

Kinder chocolate ice cream

Kinder's Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe of 30-04-2014 [Updated on 01-02-2016]

Kinder chocolate ice cream besides being a delicious recipe for adults and children, is a way to recycle leftover chocolate from Easter eggs, I never have any left over, so I used the classic bars. My ice cream maker has been operational for a month now and for the 2014 season I have already experimented with various flavors of ice cream that you will see in the next few days on the blog, I started with the most gluttonous, but you will see all tastes. Girls, I greet you and go to mess with Elisa, it was 2 weeks that she hadn't come to the office with me, and now, after having rediscovered all her old games, she wants to go to the kitchen to take back her "kitchen tools". kiss and later


How to make kinder ice cream


Melt the milk with the sugar and the kinder chocolate in a saucepan

Now add the cream

Transfer the mixture to a low-sided bowl and cool in the fridge for 2 hours

Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and set as scheduled, work for about 15 minutes at speed 1

Add the kinder bars cut into small pieces and work a couple of minutes more

Serve the kinder ice cream immediately or, if you want it more "ice cream", put in the freezer for two hours and then serve

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