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Mint milkshake

Mint milkshake

Mint milkshake recipe by of 06-07-2014 [Updated on 17-06-2015]

Today I am posting the mint milkshake, a very simple recipe but which in summer can be an excellent snack or a refreshing drink to prepare at home. Ivano loves milk and mint, so I thought of turning his favorite summer drink into a milkshake by adding ice, sugar and mint. See you soon for another smoothie flavor


How to make mint milkshake

Put the ice and sugar in an immersion blender and chop

Now add the mint leaves, the syrup and the milk while continuing to mix

Blend at full power for a couple of minutes

Serve your mint milkshake in cold glasses

Video: CHOC MINT MILKSHAKE CUPCAKES - The Scran Line (October 2021).