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Caramel filled biscuits

Caramel filled biscuits

Recipe Biscuits filled with caramel of 21-02-2019 [Updated on 21-02-2019]

THE caramel filled biscuits they are a real treat, the chocolate mixture goes well with the caramel to which I added a pinch of salt to make a pleasant contrast of flavor. Basically, I combined two of my great loves in a biscuit, chocolate and dulce de leche, try the recipe and you will understand why there is so much emotion in publishing this recipe today. Looking at these photos I feel like biting into this biscuit and instead my diet includes a delicious banana as a mid-morning snack; /
Not bad, I'll wait for the weekend to make some small mistakes and, why not, on Saturday I could propose these as a snack caramel filled biscuits. I leave you with today's recipe and I get to work, basins and we will read later: *


How to make caramel biscuits

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