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Risotto mimosa

Risotto mimosa

Mimosa risotto recipe of 06-03-2015 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

The mimosa risotto owes its name to the color of the ingredients used, the asparagus represent the stem and the crumbled yolk, the grains of the mimosa, a nice and colorful dish to prepare for the women's day. Yes, this year I got carried away a little bit, even the risotto I made mimosa, hehe I told you that the spring air is inspiring me;) So if you want to prepare a particular asparagus risotto and in theme with the month of March, this is the recipe for you. I leave you to the recipe and I'm going to shoot another video recipe, now I'm very excited eheheh


How to make Mimosa Risotto

Cook the eggs until hard-boiled (7 minutes from the moment the water boils).

Steam the asparagus tips for 7-10 minutes.

Blend them, keeping some tips aside for the decoration of the plate

sauté the chopped shallot in a saucepan with a drizzle of oil

Add the rice and toast it over high heat.

Then blend with the white wine

Now add the asparagus cream and cover with the boiling broth

Bring the risotto to cooking, adding the broth as it is absorbed.

When cooked, add the stracchino and Parmesan cheese and season with salt and pepper.

Serve the mimosa risotto decorating your risotto with the asparagus tips previously kept aside and with the crumbled egg yolk directly on the plates.

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