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Baked peppers

Baked peppers

Baked Peppers Recipe of of 07-19-2020

THE Baked peppers they are a super colorful summer side dish full of flavor. You can combine it with meat dishes, fresh cheeses, use them to season a nice plate of pasta ... In short, you can alternate it with the more classic peppers in a pan: it's true, there is the hassle of turning on the oven, but on the other hand you can leave them cook for their own while you do something else, taking care to mix them only halfway through cooking. In this case I paired them with Tropea onion and tomatoes and I liked the result very much, but you can vary, for example by using garlic and green chillies, or maybe adding some olives, so to speak. Of course, if you try any recipe (or some variant of it) let me know what you think;


How to make baked peppers

First of all wash and clean the peppers (removing the stalk and the internal seeds) and the onion, then cut the first into strips and the second into slices.

Combine peppers, onion, tomatoes (washed and cut into pieces), well desalted capers, salt and oil in a bowl and mix.
Then transfer to a pan suitable for cooking in the oven and cook for about 40 minutes in a static oven preheated to 200 ° C, giving a good stir halfway through cooking (therefore after the first 20 minutes).

The baked peppers are ready: stir again, allow to cool a little and serve.

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