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Salmon and mango tartare

Salmon and mango tartare

Salmon and mango tartare recipe of 27-12-2016 [Updated on 27-12-2016]

The salmon and mango tartare is a dish that I made some time ago, I had in fact tasted this combination of flavors in a restaurant and I wanted to repeat the experiment at home.
Exotic fruit combined with fish is something I love, if you then add black rice to it, then it becomes one of those dishes that I would prepare to bring something refined and tasty to the table. Indeed this Salmon Tartare is one of the eligible choices for the New Year's Eve dinner appetizer that I am preparing at my house with my friends;)
Making this dish is really very simple, but the yield is really good, if you like the genre, give us a thought;)


How to make salmon and mango tartare

Start cooking the Venere rice in salted water.
Drain it and let it cool by flavoring it with lime juice and oil.

Put the rice in a pastry ring and compact it with the help of a spoon.

With a sharp knife, cut the salmon into cubes, clean the mango and cut the pulp here too.
Now place the mango layer on the rice first and then the salmon layer.

Serve and bring the salmon and mango tartare to the table.

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