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Jamon croquettes

Jamon croquettes

Recipe Jamon croquettes from of 10-05-2018 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

The jamon croquettes they are a typical Spanish dish that I got to taste during my last trip to Madrid. Croquetas are served as tapas in the various cafes and are very different from what we are used to eating in Italy. The mixture of these croquettes does not include potatoes at all but a béchamel base in which jamon is added, the Spanish raw ham, which has become famous all over the world for its quality and its so particular flavor. In short, after tasting them and seeing that I brought home some Serrano ham, here is the recipe.


How to make jamon croquettes

Chop onion and sauté it in oil with garlic.
Then add the flour and mix to prevent lumps from forming.

Cut the ham into pieces, add it and let it flavor a few minutes.
Then add a little milk at a time.

Once the ingredients are mixed, cook for 10 minutes or until it thickens.
Transfer everything to a bowl and let it cool completely.
Now form the croquettes and transfer them to the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

After this time, take the croquettes and pass them in the beaten eggs and then in the breadcrumbs.

At this point, heat some oil in a saucepan and fry the croquettes.
As they are cooked, place them on absorbent paper.

Your jamon croquettes are ready to be served.

Video: Croquetas de jamón ibérico (September 2021).