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Tuna with sweet and sour onions

Tuna with sweet and sour onions

Recipe Tuna with sweet and sour onions of of 14-09-2014 [Updated on 07-03-2017]

The recipe for tuna with sweet and sour onions or to put it in Sicilian Tunnina ca 'cipuddata is a recipe that Jessica suggested to me in one of the comments made to the recipe for tuna steak, I did not know this dish, but it immediately intrigued me given the ingredients. Generally the dish is prepared with blonde onions, but I preferred to try it with the variant of red Tropea onions, the tuna to be used is the red and very fresh one, moreover the dish can be served both warm and cold. I found the tuna with onions a truly amazing dish and if you like that, I invite you to try it. Girls I wish you a happy Sunday and we will re-read later;)


How to make sweet and sour tuna with onions

Pass the slices of tuna in a dish in which you will have put the flour and salt

After having floured them well, brown them in a pan with a drizzle of oil on both sides

Then cook for about ten minutes with a lid. Lift the fish and set it aside

Peel and slice the onions

In the same pan in which you cooked the tuna, cook the onions with a drizzle of oil, salt and 1/2 glass of water

Stew the onions for about ten minutes, then add sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper

Stir and let it all flavor well

Now add the tuna fillets kept aside

Cook by turning the fish a couple of times

Then serve the tuna with sweet and sour onions on the plates