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Purple rose cake

Purple rose cake

Purple rose cake recipe by of 23-04-2017 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

The purple rose cake is the cake I chose to prepare to celebrate 10 years of our website!
This year, to celebrate such an important occasion, I literally panicked, I couldn't find inspiration, everything seemed obvious and banal and I wanted something special. I spent some troubled days and I couldn't find the serenity to be able to plan something suitable for the occasion.
I ranged far and wide, first thinking I wanted to do one cake in the shape of number ten, then a multi-tiered cake, then in sugar paste and gradually changing my mind every day until my and the girls of the office are exhausted hahaha.
In the end, in extremis, I chose to make this American cake, lilac and covered with roses made with a simple frosting.
I believe this Purple rose cake you represent me and my blog quite well for its colors, its shape and many other reasons that I'm not here to tell you so as not to bore you;)
So this is the cake with which I celebrated this important event with the girls in the office and which I share with you to celebrate these 10 years of blogging!
Every year I am here, with you, to take stock of the past year but today the weight of the years is felt in a more important way., born for fun as a small personal diary, it has become the second most visited cooking site in Italy, and as a young girl who wrote down recipes on a blog today I find myself managing a company with employees and collaborations with big brands . Relaxing after work hobby cooking has actually become my job and now Misya and Flavia they are merged into the same entity. I am happy and proud of what I managed to build but you don't think it was easy, nor that all this did not cost me sacrifices, sacrifices and compromises with myself.
But on my blog, by choice, I only talk about beautiful things, so take a glass and toast with me this important milestone of which you too are part.
But now, let's blow out the candles on Misya's birthday cake and eat the cake;)


How to make purple rose cake

In a large bowl, work the sugar and the softened butter.
Add the egg whites and start working again, then add a part of the flour and the vanilla essence.

After mixing, pour half a dose of milk and mix.

Alternate again putting the flour with the yeast, mix and then pour the remaining milk.
Continue to work until you get a creamy mixture.

Transfer everything into 4 bowls.
Add a different amount of dye to 3 of these to form the different shades of purple.
Then mix to blend the color.

Pour each mixture into a greased and floured mold, and cook at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

If you don't have 4 molds of the same size, cook one dough at a time.

Once cooked and taken out of the oven, turn each one upside down on a sheet of parchment paper and let it cool by placing them on top of each other.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling by working ricotta, philadelphia and icing sugar.

Then whip the cream and add it to the ricotta, philadelphia and sugar mixture.
Mix gently with movements that go from the bottom up.

Now place the first layer of the cake, the darker one, on the serving dish.
Now stuff with a layer of cream.

Cover with the second layer of the cake and fill with the cream.
Place the third and cover with more cream.

Put the last layer of the cake and glaze it completely.
Put it in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Divide the leftover filling into 4 bowls.
Add a different amount of dye to 3 of these to form the different shades of purple.
Then mix to blend the color.

Put the fillings in 4 different sac a poche, the disposable are perfect.

Now, in a circular motion, form roses by forming the first band with the darker purple color and climbing away with the lighter color.

On the surface of the cake, use white.

Your Purple rose cake is ready to be brought to the table

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