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Nutella pizza

Nutella pizza

There nutella pizza is now a must: everyone likes it, young and old. In fact, I can't believe it wasn't on my blog yet, yet I realized I only had fried angels, but no pizza ... unbelievable! Anyway, here I am, to make up for my lack: P
There are those who cook the base with a layer of cream on top, so as not to let it dry out ... I rather prefer to cook it only the bare essentials and then immediately spread the Nutella on it, while it is still hot, so that it melts a little '... divine!
If you prepare a pizza with your family tonight, add this sweet pizza as a dessert, your guests will be delighted, guaranteed;)


How to make Nutella pizza

First, prepare the pizza dough and let it rise.
Then take it back and spread it with your hands on the lightly floured work surface.

Lightly grease the pan with oil and put the spread inside.
Bake in a convection oven already very hot at 250 ° C for 8-10 minutes, then take out of the oven and sprinkle with Nutella immediately.

Decorate your Nutella pizza to taste, in this case I used powdered sugar and chopped hazelnuts, but you can use anything you want, from coconut flour to chopped pistachios, or leave it as it is.

Video: Nutella and Pine Nut Crepe in Rome, Italy. (October 2021).