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Parmesan risotto

Parmesan risotto

Recipe Parmigiana risotto from Flavia Imperatore of 18-06-2015 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

Risotto alla parmigiana is a simple and very tasty first course, a very versatile recipe that can be enriched, according to taste, with other ingredients. This risotto is one of Elisa's favorite dishes, she doesn't like very elaborate foods and prefers dishes that don't mix too many ingredients together, amazing how at just 4 years old she already has the tastes so outlined;) So, when I want to prepare risotto for everyone, I start with the parmesan one, I take away the portion for her and then continue the preparation by adding other ingredients for me and Ivano, comfortable isn't it? In fact, this is the base I used to prepare another recipe that I will post to you shortly, but it could be useful regardless, we will read about it in a while;)


How to make risotto alla parmigiana

Chop the onion and sauté it in a saucepan with 50g butter.

Add the rice and toast it in the sauce.

Then add a ladle of boiling broth. Then cover the rice with the broth and continue cooking.

Add more broth as it dries during cooking.

When cooked, turn off the heat and stir the risotto with the remaining butter and Parmesan.

Serve the Parmesan risotto on the plates.

Video: Creamy, comfort food! Parmesan Risotto (October 2021).