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Pasta with peppers

Pasta with peppers

Pasta recipe with peppers of 12-09-2018 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

There pasta with peppers it is a typical summer dish that is quick and easy to prepare. The process of this pasta with peppers involves cooking the latter in a pan, where the pasta will subsequently be sautéed before being brought to the table with a grated julienne of provola.
Despite its simplicity, this dish was really tasty, so much so that I put it in the recipes of the blog. From now on, add this to yours too recipes with peppers and let me know if you try it before summer ends. Basins to those who pass through here: *


How to make pasta with peppers

Wash the pepper and cut it into strips, now chop the onion.
Fry the onion and the whole clove of garlic in a pan with oil, then add the peppers.

Cook for 20 minutes then add the diced tomatoes, salt and basil.
Cook another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta in boiling salted water, drain and toss in the pan.

Your pasta with peppers is ready, serve it with julienne provola.

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