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Cream of fennel

Cream of fennel

Recipe Cream of fennel of on 18-04-2018 [Updated on 18-04-2018]

There cream of fennel is a purifying and light dish to be made with few ingredients and in a short time. In practice it is a very delicate one fennel cream, made with potatoes and broth, to be served with crispy bread croutons. I love the velvets while my husband a little less, so we always have a hard fight when I decide to prepare them for lunch. In fact, I often have to opt for the creation of something else for him, and I hate making different kitchens just for 2 people: /
Oh well, patience, I tasted the cream of fennel by myself, also making an encore while he had a ham toast: P


How to make the fennel cream

Clean the fennels and cut them into slices.
Peel and dice the potatoes.
After finely chopping the spring onion, sauté it in a pan with the oil.

Then add the potatoes and fennel and, after 5 minutes, cover with the already hot broth.
Season with salt and add a pinch of saffron, then cook for about 20 minutes.

Now use an immersion blender and add the Parmesan to cream.

Add a drizzle of oil, some croutons and serve your fennel cream.

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