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Vegetable crudités

Vegetable crudités

Vegetable Pinzimonio recipe by of 06-06-2018 [Updated on 06-06-2018]

The Vegetable crudités it is a triumph of colors, it is very simple to make and can be served both as an appetizer and a side dish. Fresh, easy and quick to make, it is prepared with one raw vegetables which will be brought to the table with the condiments in which to dip the raw vegetables, that's why we talk about pinzimonio of vegetables. Obviously you can vary in the choice of ingredients (depending on the season) and for thesauces for pinzimonio, I preferred a classic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic vinegar glaze.
If today you were looking for a simple and tasty way to serve fresh vegetables on the table, this is certainly the recipe for you: P
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How to make a vegetable dip

Prepare the ingredients.

Remove the base and the outermost leaves of the radicchio, then wash and dry the remaining leaves.
Also clean the radishes and, with a knife, cut off part of their peel.
Trim the ends of the pepper, remove the white filaments and seeds, then cut into strips.

Peel the carrots and cucumber.
Cut both first into slices and then into sticks.

Divide the ingredients into the various bowls and also put the tenderest part of the celery sticks.
Prepare the condiments by combining oil, salt, pepper. Separately put the balsamic vinegar glaze.
Arrange everything inside a large plate and bring your vegetable pinzimonio to the table.

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