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Pasta for Focaccia

Pasta for Focaccia

Focaccia Pasta Recipe of Flavia Imperatore of 03-05-2007 [Updated on 05-04-2019]

The focaccia dough differs slightly from the pizza dough, is more hydrated and is rolled out in a less thin way. The substantial difference lies in a little more yeast in the addition of a part of sparkling water which makes the dough softer. I found this really exceptional pasta, the recipe is taken from the encyclopedia of Italian cuisine and the basic dough to prepare my focaccia :)


How to make the dough for focaccia

Place the flour in the center and pour the water (both types) just warm with the dissolved yeast inside.

When the flour has heated up all the water, add the salt and 2 the oil.

Working for another ten minutes will be smooth and elastic.

Now transfer the dough onto a floured pastry board, form a ball and cover with a clean cloth.

Then let it rise for 3 hours or until the dough has doubled.
The focaccia dough is ready to be rolled out and used for your preparations.

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