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Cream of red cabbage

Cream of red cabbage

Recipe Velvety red cabbage di of 16-10-2018

The red cabbage soup, also called purple cabbage, is a delicate first course to be prepared on the coldest days. The color of this cabbage is undoubtedly scenic, it almost looks like dye has been added to it (which is not true of course), and very inviting! Among the various recipes with red cabbage that I recommend you try, this is definitely one of those, easy to make, tasty and healthy!


How to make red cabbage soup

Cut the red cabbage in half and then into strips.
Then wash its leaves and dry them.

Now chop the spring onion and let it dry in a saucepan with the oil.
Then add the cabbage, leaving a few leaves aside for garnish.

Brown for a couple of minutes over high heat, then lower and add a pinch of salt and broth.
Cook like this for about 45 minutes, without a lid, and stirring.
When cooked, use an immersion blender to reduce the cabbage into cream.

Incorporate the charterhouse by mixing.

Your red cabbage soup is ready to be served.

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