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Lemon cake type Mulino Bianco

Lemon cake type Mulino Bianco

Recipe Lemon cake type Mulino Bianco di of 11-03-2019

There lemon cake like that of Mulino Bianco was the recipe on which I asked you the question of the week, challenging you in my Instagram stories to guess which fake author I was preparing ;-) As you all know, it is a delicious lemon flavored dessert: the peculiarity is that it comes prepared with a shortcrust pastry shell, a layer of lemon cream and then a layer of margherita cake dough. On top, before cooking, decorations made with the same cream as the filling are also inserted, as if it were a 2.0 version of the nua cake.
In short, a little long to prepare, but also easy ... And then it's a real treat: absolutely to try!
This cake with lemon cream has entered by right among my most successful forgeries, if you try it I am convinced that it will conquer you too.


How to make Mulino Bianco lemon cake

First of all, prepare the shortcrust pastry: put all the ingredients in a bowl and work quickly until you get a smooth dough: cover it with cling film and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the lemon cream: beat the egg yolks well with the sugar, then add the starch and lemon peel, finally add the milk and cook over low heat until a thick cream is obtained.
Pour into a large bowl, cover with cling film and let cool.

Then prepare the margherita cake dough: work the butter and sugar into a cream, then add the lemon peel.
Add one egg at a time, then sifted yeast and flour and knead until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Finally proceed with the assembly.
Roll out the pastry between 2 sheets of parchment paper until you get a circle of about 3-4 mm thick.
Line the mold with parchment paper and then line the parchment paper with the shortcrust pastry.
Prick the bottom and leave in the fridge for at least 15-30 minutes.

Set aside 100 g of lemon cream and pour the remaining cream into the pastry shell.
Level well, then cover the cream with the margherita cake mixture.
Finally put the cream that you had set aside in a pastry bag and create a decoration on top of the dough.
Bake for about 40 minutes in a preheated static oven at 175 °.

The Mulino Bianco lemon cake is ready, let it cool before cutting into slices and serving.

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