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Chicken rolls

Chicken rolls

Chicken rolls recipe of 12-06-2015 [Updated on 21-12-2018]

Chicken rolls are a delicious and simple dish to prepare, they are wraps stuffed with chicken, vegetables and sauces, rolled and then served as a Greek pita, or cut into rounds and served as a morsel. For my chicken rolls I used chicken flavored with lime and pink pepper, some lettuce mixed with carrots, slices of crispy bacon and sour cream, a real treat! Being a cold dish, chicken rolls can be an excellent idea for lunch in the office or, why not, even to take to the beach;) Beach ... what a beautiful word, now that Elisa has finished school, I'd like to abandon everything , to leave for a place by the sea and dedicate myself only to her and instead there is still a little bit of my holidays and for the moment I have to take advantage of the weekends, weather permitting. And to think that when I was little I took 3 months of vacation, my grandparents had a little house by the sea and me, my sister and my mother moved there from June to September with my father who was commuting, damn rhythms of modern life; ) Well, I'll leave you to the chicken rolls recipe and, since we're on the subject, I'm going to start the countdown for my holidays. Kisses to those who pass by: *


How to make chicken rolls

Heat the wraps, one at a time, on a non-stick pan, on both sides.

Season the chicken with lime, salt and pink pepper, and cook it in another non-stick pan.

Wash and chop the lettuce.
Peel the carrots and grate them with a large hole grater.
Toast both sides of the bacon slices on a wire rack.

Start composing chicken rolls now.
Place a flatbread on a plate and arrange a little lettuce and carrots on it.

Cut the chicken into strips and add some on the flatbread.

Place a couple of slices of bacon on top of the chicken.
Finish with 2-3 teaspoons of sour cream.

Roll up the piadina, not too tightly.
Keep it up with the other wraps.

At this point, you can wrap the chicken rolls with a little aluminum foil and serve them.

Or cut into slices and serve in slices

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