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Kisses of pandoro

Kisses of pandoro

Pandoro kisses recipe from of 30-12-2019

THE kisses of pandoro they are little gems perfect as a recycling idea after the Christmas holidays or even to serve pandoro in a different way at the end of a meal. I must say that when I saw them here, I could not resist the idea of ​​offering them among this year's Christmas recipes. These are small truffles made with pandoro, spreadable cheese and coconut flour, which are then paired two by two by way of lady's kisses. Very easy to make and really delicious, I strongly suggest you try them;)
PS: since you liked the little spoiler last time, I'll give you another one for tomorrow ... Buy puff pastry, 6 large sausages and a red pepper to prepare a really tasty appetizer for 6 people;)


How to make pandoro kisses

Cut the pandoro into slices and chop it with a mixer.

Move the mince into a bowl, add the cheese and mix.

Divide the mixture forming many small balls by working the dough between the palms of your hands (make sure that the balls are even in number).
Slightly flatten one side, pass them in the coconut, put a little Nutella on the flattened side and glue the balls two by two.

As they are ready, arrange the truffles on a tray lined with parchment paper, then let them rest in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.

The pandoro kisses are ready, all you have to do is plate them up and serve them.

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