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Roasted mushrooms

Roasted mushrooms

Roasted Mushrooms Recipe of 16-10-2016 [Updated on 01-03-2017]

THE roasted mushrooms they are a perfect side dish for autumn lunches, ideal to accompany meat dishes or even to be served with eggs. If you prepare them in advance and let them marinate a little with the sauce, they will be even tastier.
To make the recipe you will need some pleurotus mushrooms,because they are beautiful fleshy, and a hot grill, nothing simpler. In short, if you are looking for the perfect side dish for this Sunday, today's roasted mushrooms recipe could be for you. I still haven't decided what turn to take to the day, for the moment, taking advantage of the beautiful day I hung out the laundry, but I'm going to give up everything else and go for a nice walk near the sea, so I leave you and go to get ready, basins: *


How to make roasted mushrooms

Start by preparing a dressing: add coarsely chopped garlic, chilli pepper and parsley and salt in a small bowl, then add the oil and mix.

Clean the mushrooms well.

Heat up a griddle or grill pan well, then place the mushrooms on top and grill them (2-3 minutes per side should be enough).

As they are done, arrange them on a plate, alternating a layer of mushrooms with a seasoning.

Your roasted mushrooms are ready: you can leave them to rest for 1-2 hours, for them to flavor well, or serve them immediately.

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