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citronette it is an emulsified sauce relative to the more famous vinaigrette. Basically the recipe (and above all the principle) is almost the same, except that the vinegar is replaced with lemon. Again, it is a very simple but tasty condiment, perfect for salads and meat or fish dishes. Also there citronette it should preferably be prepared at the last moment (or you will have to re-emulsify it before serving), and even here you can add spices and aromas to taste at the end of the process. In the meantime I leave you to the basic recipe of this lemon vinaigrette, but you let me know how you reworked it;)

First of all, squeeze the lemon and strain it with a fine mesh strainer.
Put salt, pepper and lemon juice in a small bowl and mix until the salt dissolves.
Then add the oil slowly, stirring in the meantime with a hand whisk, continuing to mix until a homogeneous sauce is obtained.

The citronette is ready: add spices or aromas to taste, if you want, and use it immediately.

Video: Uno chef rubato allagricoltura. Tartare di salmone e citronette agli agrumi (October 2021).