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Rolled up chicken

Rolled up chicken

Rolled Chicken Recipe of 28-04-2017 [Updated on 28-04-2017]

L'rolled up chicken it is a tasty second course, often brought to Italian tables, varying the cooking and the filling each time so as to make it always different. To prepare it, you start with a whole chicken breast which, after being opened like a book and beaten, must be stuffed and then rolled up.
For my rolled up stuffed chicken I chose bacon and cheese that made the meat soft and juicy and gave it a strong and really pleasant taste.
Well friends, on this gloomy day I leave you the recipe for this roast chicken that could be an idea for tonight's dinner, basins and good day: *


How to make chicken roll

With a sharp knife, open the chicken breast.
To do this, make small progressive incisions, starting from the outermost part.
The chicken breast must be rolled out before being beaten.

Season with salt and chopped chives and add a little cheese.
Cover with the bacon slices and then again with the cheese.

At this point, gently roll up the chicken, being careful to contain everything.
Tie the roll with kitchen string to prevent it from opening during cooking (go to the guide on how to tie the roast)

In a pan with a thick and high bottom, fry the chopped onion and carrot in oil.
Add the chicken roll and brown it on both sides over high heat.

When it is golden, lower the heat and add the broth.
Cook with the lid on for 40 minutes, turning halfway through cooking.
Once lifted, remove the string and let the cooking juices rest by increasing the flame to maximum.

Your chicken roll is ready to be brought to the table and cut into slices.

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