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Fruit salad cake

Fruit salad cake

There fruit salad cake it's a dessert with fresh fruit simple but delicious. The idea came to me from the need to dispose of some ripe fruit that I had in the fridge and that I would not have been able to consume before leaving for the holidays. In this recipe I have therefore used a banana, an apple and strawberries but you can put the fruit that you prefer most or that you already have at home. For the decoration of the fruit salad cake you can add icing sugar on the surface, even if I preferred to leave it pretty simple with the addition of further fresh fruit in pieces on the surface.


How to make fruit salad cake

Clean the fruit, cut it into chunks and place it in a bowl with the lemon juice.

Then add the rum and Marsala and mix gently.
Finally add the cane sugar and mix as you do with the fruit salad.

Now whip the eggs with the sugar.
Add the oil slowly and then the flour and yeast.
You then get a smooth and creamy mixture.

Put the prepared fruit salad in the bowl and mix.
Transfer everything to the greased and floured mold.
Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for about 40 minutes. Once the cake is cooked, turn it upside down on a wire rack and let it cool.

Your fruit salad cake is ready to be enjoyed.

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