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Shortcrust pastry with coconut

Shortcrust pastry with coconut

There shortcrust pastry with coconut it is nothing but a variant of the classic shortcrust pastry. If you are a coconut lover like me you should definitely try it: I assure you that a delicious scent will be released throughout the kitchen! Like all variations of shortcrust pastry, this is a super versatile recipe, which you can use to prepare biscuits, pies and tartlets as you like. I have already experimented a bit, wait until you see what I have prepared;)


How to make coconut shortcrust pastry

Combine the two flours in a bowl and place the eggs, butter into small pieces, sugar and yeast in the center.
Start mixing with your fingertips, then transfer to the work surface and work quickly with your hands.
Cover with cling film and let it rest for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.

Your coconut shortcrust pastry is ready, roll it out using a little 00 flour and use it for all your preparations.