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Straccetti with zucchini and mustard

Straccetti with zucchini and mustard

Recipe Straccetti with zucchini and mustard of of 18-06-2013 [Updated on 02-09-2014]

These strips with zucchini and mustard are born to recover a mess, I had seen in a magazine these beautiful rolls made with pork ham, they were too good not to try them so I went to work ... the result? a disaster, the meat did not keep its shape, the courgette could not roll up and the mustard was dripping all over the place, so I changed the recipe by preparing comfortable strips;) The dish was great and I really liked the combination of flavors, so I invite you to try the recipe and let me know what you think, now I salute you and we will read you later, kiss us: *


How to make straccetti with zucchini and mustard

Trim the courgettes, cut them into longitudinal slices 2/3 mm thick and cook them on a plate for a couple of minutes per side

Prepare an emulsion by mixing the mustard with 2 tablespoons of oil, basil, freeze-dried garlic, salt and pepper

Cut the meat into strips and brown it in a pan with oil over high heat, deglaze with beer and add salt

Add the courgettes cut into fillets, mix and cook for another couple of minutes.

Finally turn off the heat and add the mixture to the mustard

Mix the strips with the zucchini to mix the sauce well and serve

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