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Pumpkin Sweet & Sour

Pumpkin Sweet & Sour

Sweet and sour pumpkin recipe by of 01-10-2017 [Updated on 30-07-2018]

There Pumpkin Sweet & Sour is a delicious and easy to make side dish. The recipe comes from the Sicily region and is prepared by first frying the slices of pumpkin and, subsequently, making them flavor in oil, vinegar, sugar, garlic and salt.
This type of preparation in bitter-sweet it allows you to keep vegetables for several days in the refrigerator and not have to do anything but take them out of there when you have to bring them to the table. As the first recipe of October this preparation seems perfect to me, if you try it let me know if you liked it. Kisses :*


How to make sweet and sour pumpkin

Clean the pumpkin by removing the peel and the various internal seeds.
Then cut it into thin but not small squares.

Put some oil in a pan and, when it is hot, add the pumpkin slices.
Fry them on both sides for about 2 minutes.

Then lift the pumpkin, salt it and set it aside.
In the same oil in which you have fried it, add the vinegar and sugar.
When the latter has melted, add the minced garlic and mint.

Put the pumpkin slices back at this point, mix gently and cook for a few minutes.

Serve your sweet and sour pumpkin after keeping it in the refrigerator.

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