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Microwave cookies

Microwave cookies

Microwave Cookie Recipe by of 12-06-2015 [Updated 08-08-2017]

Making a microwave cookie? It can! I was super skeptical about this recipe, I never imagined that in a minute you could get a single-serving biscuit but I had to change my mind. Really a genius from 10 and praise, similar in concept to the cake in a cup of some time ago. All you need to prepare this recipe is a microwave and 5 minutes of time, so you just have to try! I'll leave you with the recipe for the microwave cookie and I'm going to send the newsletter, this week I have a surprise for you, you will find an unedited recipe, see you soon :)


How to make a microwave cookie

In a bowl, combine the brown sugar with the melted butter.

Then add the milk and vanilla essence.

Mix then add salt and flour.

Knead until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Finally add the smarties and distribute them evenly.

Shape the biscuit on a dish suitable for the microwave.

Bake the cookie for 1 minute at 800W. The biscuit will still be very soft, but as it cools it will become firm and slightly crunchy.

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