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Seafood scialatielli

Seafood scialatielli

Recipe Scialatielli alla pescatora di of 03-07-2007 [Updated on 11-05-2016]

Here's what I cooked on Sunday for lunch .... This time I made the sauce in white though :)
The scialatielli are a type of fresh pasta typical of Campania and this one that I place there is a delicious Neapolitan recipe of scialatielli with seafood


How to make scialatielli alla pescatora

Fry a clove of garlic in abundant olive oil. As soon as it is golden brown, lift it up and add the prawns.

Brown over high heat on both sides, deglaze with white wine.

Add the cuttlefish and baby octopus previously cleaned and cut into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper and cook for about ten minutes over low heat.

When almost cooked, add the seafood (previously shelled) together with the cooking water. Cook over high heat for a couple of minutes.

Cook the scialatielli in abundant salted water, drain al dente and toss them in the pan together with the seafood sauce.

Sprinkle the scialatielli alla pescatora with pepper and chopped parsley and serve.

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