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Veggie wrap

Veggie wrap

Veggie wrap recipe by of 05-08-2016 [Updated on 09-03-2018]

The veggie wraps are the vegetarian version of the chicken rolls that I made last year and that I liked so much: lighter and summery, yes, but keeping all the flavor thanks to the flavor of feta, a cheese that I love to eat in summer :) I then added tzatziki, tomatoes and cucumbers to accentuate the Greek touch I wanted to give my wrap so at the first bite I imagined myself on vacation on a Greek island: P
Today I decided to take it easy, I'm still in bed with Ely and I decided not to look at the clock. While we decide the pace to give to the day, I leave you to the recipe of the day and I wish you a sweet Friday, kiss: *


How to make veggie wraps

One at a time, heat the wraps on both sides on a hot plate or non-stick pan. In the meantime, prepare the ingredients: wash the vegetables, thinly slice the tomato and cucumber and grate the julienne-style carrot.

Spread the tzatziki on the wraps, then add the vegetables: songino, tomato, cucumber and carrots.

Finally, distribute the feta cheese (chopped or in small cubes) over the vegetables.

Roll up tightly.

Your veggie wraps are ready: you can serve them whole, cut in half or divided into swivels, for a different appetizer than usual.

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