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Pasta with dried tomatoes

Pasta with dried tomatoes

Pasta recipe with dried tomatoes of 16-09-2014 [Updated 17-01-2018]

Hello, the pasta with dried tomatoes is a quick and simple first course to make. In this recipe I have seasoned with dry tomatoes from spaghetti and I added other typically Mediterranean ingredients, such as anchovies, garlic, chilli and extra virgin olive oil. To top it all off, I added a crunchy note by toasting the breadcrumbs and adding it directly to the plates. The pasta with dried tomatoes and anchovies was a success and there were several requests for an encore, cheers!
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How to make pasta with dried tomatoes

Chop the dried tomatoes and anchovy fillets

Fry a clove of garlic in a pan with oil, then add the dried tomatoes and cook over low heat for 5 minutes

Then add the anchovy fillets and the desalted capers and continue cooking for another 5 minutes

In a separate pan, toast the bread with oil, chopped parsley, salt and pepper

Cook the pasta in abundant salted water, then drain and pour into the pan with the sauce, add the toasted bread crumbs

Sauté a couple of minutes in the pan

Then serve the Pasta with dried tomatoes and anchovies on the plates

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