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Water glaze

Water glaze

Recipe Glaze with water of of 16-11-2015 [Updated 19-01-2017]

The water glaze is a preparation made simply with powdered sugar and water. It is used in small pastry for decorate cookies, cupcakes and cupcakes. Very simple to make, the water glaze it can be used naturally to obtain the white color, or colored by adding food coloring.
Similar to the royal ice but more suitable if you need to make cookies for children, it is the starting point for decorating your cookies.


How to make water glaze

Put the icing sugar in a small bowl.
Add one tablespoon at a time of warm water and mix with a spoon to dissolve the sugar.
Eliminate any lumps and make sure the glaze has a fairly thick consistency.
If the icing is too compact, add a few drops of water, if it is too liquid, add a couple of teaspoons of extra powdered sugar.

Use your neutral icing if you need the white color or divide it into bowls and add a hint of food coloring to each bowl to get the colors you want.
Help yourself with a piping bag or a spatula to decorate your cookies with icing.

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