Cod salad

Cod Salad Recipe of of 19-12-2018 [Updated on 19-12-2018]

L'cod salad is a second dish that is used to eat in Naples on Christmas Eve. There are those who dress it in a simpler way, those who enrich the recipe by adding more ingredients ... this is the version that is the most popular in my house: a rich salad, a second course complete with proteins and vegetables, colorful to the eye and that brings a breath of joy to the table.
Cod salad is usually prepared to replace or in addition to the reinforcement salad, another cornerstone of typical Neapolitan cuisine;)


How to make cod salad

Clean and cook the peppers in microwave grill option for 5 minutes, peel them, then cut them into fillets.

Bone the fish and rinse it, then blanch it for at least 5 minutes without salting the water.
Drain and let it cool, then cut it into cubes.
Season the salad

Put the fish on a serving dish and season with oil, juice of half a lemon, a little salt, olives, well desalted capers, sliced ​​garlic, peppers and the remaining lemon cut into slices.

Your cod salad is ready.

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