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Fried tortellini skewers

Fried tortellini skewers

Fried tortellini skewers recipe of of 16-12-2016 [Updated 09-02-2018]

Fried tortellini skewers are a delicious preparation to be made in no time. They can be enjoyed with or without the accompanying sauce but what is mandatory is to eat them hot! Since for the Christmas lunchtortellini are a must, if this year you want to prepare them in a different and original way or if there is someone in the family who doesn't love them (I don't even dare to imagine that in the world there are those who don't love tortellini!) with this recipe you will make a great impression :)
Girls have you already thought about the Christmas menu for this year? As usual, I will spend the eve with my family and the 25th with Ivano's parents, luckily this year the parties happen on the weekend so I will have a little more time to organize something nice. Well, now I run away, I leave you to the recipe and I wish you a sweet day: *


How to make fried tortellini skewers

Cook the tortellini in the boiling vegatele broth, lift them al dente, put them in a bowl and let them cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce by putting the cream in a saucepan and adding the Parmesan when it comes to the boil.
When the cheese is melted, add the nutmeg, salt and pepper and let it thicken.

Compose the skewers by placing 4 tortellini on each wooden stick.
Beat an egg in a bowl and brush it on each skewer, on both sides.

Heat some oil in a pan and when it is boiling, fry the skewers for just 1 minute, turning them until golden.
Remember to transfer the skewers onto absorbent paper as soon as they are lifted from the pan.

Serve your fried tortellini skewers hot and accompany them with the prepared sauce.

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