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Butterfly in MMF

Butterfly in MMF

Butterfly Recipe in MMF's of 26-09-2009 [Updated on 17-07-2018]

As I had anticipated, every Saturday I will post my experiments on how subjects in MMF are made.
I'll start showing you how to make butterflies with MarshMallows Fondant. The technique to make this butterfly was invented by my husband;)


How to make a Butterfly in MMF

Start by rolling out a thin sheet of MMF on a pastry board covered with icing sugar. Make a cut with a flower-shaped stencil like this one.

With a knife, cut an X on the mold and remove the tips, thus obtaining the wings of the butterfly.

Overlap the two wings by attaching them with a drop of water.

With your hands, make a cylinder of pasta of another color and place it in the center of the butterfly's wings, always attaching it with a little water to form the body.

Finally, make the antennae, which you will place on the head, and with the fingers raised slightly in the center of the wings to give them the final shape.

Then brush your MMF butterfly with a little water to remove the white patina of powdered sugar, or polish it with a little food jelly, and that's it;)

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