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Pasta with cheese and pepper

Pasta with cheese and pepper

Recipe Pasta with cheese and pepper of of 22-09-2016 [Updated on 18-03-2017]

Pasta with cacio e pepe is a typical poor recipe of Lazio cuisine, one of those very simple dishes but with a centuries-old tradition for which you have to be very careful in the preparation. Before trying to make it, I read many recipes, almost all professed to be " the true traditional recipe of cacio e pepe"but they all differed from each other in method and ingredients. There are those who offer creaming in a bowl and those in a pan, those who put oil and those who don't, those who prepare it creamy and those a little more grainy, those who only put pecorino and who a mix of cheeses, in short, within the limits, everyone does as he wants;)
Last week I was near Rome and I was able to taste it on site, so I decided to try my hand by making a sum of everything I had read and trying to get a good result, Ivano was very satisfied, he asserted that my dish was up to that tasted at the restaurant and I can only be happy with his loving compliments;)
Well friends I leave you to the recipe and thanks again for the good wishes you gave me yesterday, you were fantastic: *


How to make cacio e pepe pasta

Crush the peppercorns and grate the cheese, collecting it in a bowl

In a pan, brown the pepper with a drizzle of oil

Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water, halfway through cooking the pasta put it in the pan with the pepper and oil, then add a couple of ladles of water and continue cooking "risotto".

When the pasta is cooked, turn off the heat and add the grated pecorino. Mix everything until you get the desired cream.

Serve the cacio e pepe pasta immediately on the plates, adding a sprinkling of cheese and pepper

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