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Ravioli with ricotta and ham

Ravioli with ricotta and ham

Recipe Ravioli with ricotta and ham from of 26-01-2014 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

Making ravioli at home is easier than you imagine, just prepare a good fresh pasta, (this time I added a tablespoon of oil to the dough and I don't know if it's a coincidence, but the pasta came out much more elastic), roll it thinly and fill the pastry into piles with the taste that best suits you and cut out the ravioli.
I went simple, I prepared the ravioli with ricotta and raw ham and I dressed them with a fresh tomato sauce, a perfect first course for Sunday lunch.
If you want and time to prepare a special lunch, try my ravioli, you will make your guests happy by giving them a dish made entirely with your hands, I greet you and wish you a good Sunday, here fortunately the weekend was sunny so I take the little girl for a walk by the sea, docks; *


How to make ricotta and ham ravioli

Place the flour in a bowl or on a surface with the eggs in the center

With your fingertips, start kneading from the center by breaking the eggs and gradually incorporating the flour

Knead for a long time adding a teaspoon of oil
until you get a smooth and elastic dough then cover the egg pasta with a clean cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes

Now prepare the filling by mincing the sweet raw ham and mixing it with the ricotta, parmesan, nutmeg and a pinch of salt.

Take the pastry back and divide it into 4 smaller pieces
Flatten a piece of dough at a time with a rolling pin, then pass it into the pasta machine by putting the roller set in the widest thickness.
Once passed, fold it in half and pass it again by setting the roller in the thinnest thickness

Place the sheets obtained on a surface alternating with a little flour between one sheet and the other
Let's go now to make the ravioli
On a sheet of dough, arrange piles of filling

Then cover with another sheet of the same size and make the edges adhere well

With a pastry wheel, cut squares that will be your ravioli

Gradually place the ravioli obtained on a lightly floured surface

Cook the pasta in abundant salted water for 8/10 minutes

Then lift them with a slotted spoon, pour them into the pan with the sauce and let them flavor

Serve the ravioli with ricotta and raw ham

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