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Orange curd

Orange curd

Orange curd is an orange cream of English origin that is usually prepared as a cream for pies, a filling for cakes or simply to be spread on bread for breakfast or as a snack, long ago I tried to make lemon curd curd and I he liked it a lot, but this time, given the huge quantity of organic oranges (the garden of a friend of my father is in plain production) I decided to try this orange version. Before saying goodbye, I wanted to tell those who missed the new newsletter that this week you can find me with one of my unpublished recipe in the modern woman newspaper, if you usually buy it, you can find me on page 169;) I greet you and I'm going to get ready, today we have to do an important shopping, we have to buy a potty for Elisa, we start the swamping operation, good luck to me; D


How to make orange curd

Wash the oranges well, dry them and grate their peel which you will put in a bowl with the orange juice.

Beat the eggs with the sugar, put them in a bowl or saucepan, add the juice and peel of the oranges and cook in a bain-marie

When the mixture begins to glaze, add the butter cut into small pieces,

mix the mixture with a whisk and cook for about ten minutes or until the mixture thickens

Now pour the orange curd into a previously washed and dried glass jar

Wait for it to cool completely then use it immediately or keep it in the fridge for a maximum of ten days

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