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Cold pasta with zucchini

Cold pasta with zucchini

Recipe Cold pasta with courgettes of of 23-08-2017 [Updated on 28-08-2017]

There cold pasta with zucchini it's a very pleasant onepasta salad to prepare when it's hot! Since for us Italians to give up a dish of pasta it is practically impossible, here in the summer period those magnificent cold dishes come to our aid, to be consumed at home, at work or on the beach. But how to prepare a dish of cold pasta that it is always different in its seasoning?
Obviously the imagination is the first thing, for this pasta dish I in fact prepared a basic courgette and mint pesto and then I added ham, corn and cheese as other ingredients. A super combination of flavors: P Have a nice day at the beach friends: ***


How to make cold pasta with zucchini

Start cleaning the courgettes, cut them into slices and transfer them to a mixer.
Also add the mint, almonds, parmesan, salt and oil and mix everything until you get a homogeneous pesto.

In a pot with boiling salted water, cook the pasta.
Drain it al dente and put it in a large bowl, once it has cooled, season it with the zucchini and mint pesto.

Now cut the ham and cheese and drain the corn.
Add them to the bowl and mix.
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Your cold pasta with zucchini is ready to be served.

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