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Thermomix birramisù

Thermomix birramisù

Thermomix Birramisù recipe by of 01-02-2016 [Updated on 28-02-2017]

Birramisu, tiramisu with beer, is a dessert of 10 and praise and has also been promoted by those who are not lovers of beer. Do it with this recipe with the thermomix.


How to make birramisu with the thermomix

First of all prepare the beer zabaglione.
Place the butterfly, put egg yolks and sugar in the jug and whisk for 5 min. at 37 °, vel. 3.
Add the beer (the 30 ml) and cook for 5 min. at 80 °, vel. 3.
Transfer to a bowl and let cool, then keep in the fridge.

Put the cream, cold from the fridge, in the cold and clean jug and whip for 1-2 min. at vel. 2, then set it aside.
Gently incorporate the mascarpone and then also the zabaglione, both cold from the fridge, with the cream, mix gently and put in the fridge.

Then prepare the syrup.
Put the beer in the jug and cook for 1 min. at 90 °, speed 1.
Add the sugar and cook for another 3 min., At 70 °, speed. 2.
Finally add the coffee and mix for 1 min., Vel. 1.
Let it cool down

Finally, whip up the birramisu.
Quickly soak the ladyfingers in the syrup. Create a first layer on the bottom of the chosen mold.
Add a layer of cream and sprinkle some cocoa.
Create a second layer of soaked ladyfingers and continue like this until all the ingredients are used up, completing with the cream. Keep in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
Decorate with a little bit of cocoa and serve the birramisu.

Video: Birramisù (October 2021).