Chatter Recipe of of 05-02-2008 [Updated on 05-02-2020]

The chatter is the sweet prince of the carnival, it is a dessert made with simple ingredients such as flour, eggs and sugar and then flavored with lemon peel and liqueur. The dough is then rolled out into a thin sheet and cut into small rectangular strips. The chiacchiere are fried and then sprinkled with powdered sugar and are usually served with black pudding (a sweet cream based on dark chocolate).
The chiacchiere di Carnevale are a light and crumbly dessert and are called with different names depending on the regions of origin: bugie in Tuscany, frappe in Rome, galani in Venice and lasagna in Romagna, for example.
This is the chat recipe that is prepared at my house every year, if you like to try it you will not regret it. Happy Carnival everyone!


How to make carnival chatter

Place the flour in the center with the eggs, sugar, oil, grated lemon peel and a pinch of salt.
Begin to knead adding the wine and limoncello as you go.
Mix everything together until it forms a soft and elastic dough.

Divide the dough into 4 smaller loaves and roll out a very thin sheet with a rolling pin.
If, on the other hand, you have a pasta machine, pass the dough over it several times, folding the dough each time and smoothing it out until the dough passes by setting the roller to level 5.

Gradually place the dough on a floured pastry board. With a toothed wheel, cut out many strips 6 cm long and 2 cm wide (or the size you want).

In a pan, pour the seed oil and when it is boiling, fry the chat a few at a time.
As soon as they are golden, lift the chiacchiere with a slotted spoon, drain them and put them on absorbent paper.

Arrange the Carnival chatter on a serving plate. As soon as they have cooled, sprinkle them with vanilla icing sugar and taste them:

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