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Artichokes in oil

Artichokes in oil

Recipe Artichokes in oil of of 26-04-2013 [Updated on 14-04-2020]

The artichokes in oil are one of the most typical preserves of Mediterranean cuisine, nevertheless, they had not been made in my house for years (unlike the aubergines in oil that are prepared every year). Last week I convinced my mom and we made just 2 jars of artichokes in oil together so as not to massacre us with work, yesterday we tasted them and ... um, I know that these days we have to do them again because they came very good and a jar is already beautiful and gone! In addition to leaving you the recipe, I leave you a small guide on how to sterilize jars for preserves, maybe it can be useful if you decide to try your hand at preparing some preserves with seasonal vegetables or in the preparation of jams. Have a nice day, I'm going spring shopping, I need to put some color in my closet, bye bye


How to make artichokes in oil

Clean the artichokes by removing the darker outer leaves, then cut the artichoke leaves in half, and remove the hard outer part at the base of the artichoke stem.

You will get the artichoke hearts, which you will put in a bowl with cold water, lemon juice and salt and leave there for 2 hours.

After this time, put 1 liter of water and 1 liter of vinegar in a fairly large pot. When it comes to the boil, drain the artichokes from the water and dip them into the pot.

Cook for 10 minutes then drain them
Prepare a clean cloth and put the artichokes to cool and dry with the head facing pour down for 8/10 hours

Prepare the garlic and chilli pepper cut into small pieces and some dry chopped parsley on a plate

Now prepare the artichokes in oil by putting artichokes, garlic, peperocino and parsley in the previously sterilized glass jars

Cover entirely with seed oil and olive oil in equal parts

Close the jars and put the jars of artichokes in oil in the pantry for at least 10 days before tasting them

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