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Bon bon of pizza

Bon bon of pizza

Bon bon pizza recipe by of 14-09-2018 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

The idea of ​​preparing these bon bon of pizzaI came up with watching a video on facebook, the recipe was too captivating not to be intrigued to try it. To make these bon bon at home you will need a mold for the ice cubes, the pizza dough (which you can either make at home or buy already made for a last minute course) will have to take its shape and be stuffed with cherry mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and salami before hardening in the freezer and then baked in the oven.
To be served both hot and cold, you can serve your bon bons during an aperitif, a birthday or a buffet ... they will be snapped up! The weekend is upon us, so take advantage of it to make this recipe simply as a treat for your family, they will be snapped up;) Girls, it's been a crazy week, I'm upsetting my working life, it's a slow return to origins, to myself, to my happiness. I don't think I've ever worked as hard as these days, but I don't even remember ever being so happy doing it, at least when I think about the last few years. And nothing, I'll leave you with today's recipe and get to work. A basin to those who pass through here: *


How to make pizza bon bon

Divide the pizza roll into two parts.
Spread half of them on the shapes of the ice cubes and apply light pressure with your fingers.
Put a mozzarella cheese in each recess and then some salami or half cherry tomatoes.

Cover with the other half of the dough and pass over a rolling pin to combine the two parts of pizza dough.
Remove the pasta from the edges and put in the freezer for 2 hours.
Divide the morsels with a knife and transfer them to a dripping pan lined with parchment paper, then sprinkle them with oil.

Sprinkle them with a little oil and cook at 180 ° C for 30 minutes.

Your pizza bon bons are ready to be served.

Video: Bon Bon Pizza - Sašina kuhinja (October 2021).