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10 Edible Tricks for April Fool’s Day

10 Edible Tricks for April Fool’s Day

From swapping sugar for salt to serving up a fake cake, here are 10 delicious pranks to pull this year.

April Fool’s Day is the one day out of the year when playing a joke on someone is encouraged. While some tricks, like adding vinegar to the milk to make it go sour or leaving dish soap residue in the coffee maker, are certain to surprise friends or family members, we’d rather not cause good food to go to waste.

Instead, think smart: There is nothing destructive about unplugging the coffee maker so your half-awake roommate doesn’t realize the coffee doesn’t begin to brew when s/he goes to turn it on in the morning, but it's funny. And thanks to the spirit of the day, all s/he can do to you is laugh.

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, we’ve put together a list of ten completely edible pranks to play. From harmless yet fun jokes like serving a meal of meatloaf cupcakes and mashed potato sundaes, to the more unexpected chocolate truffles made from cherry tomatoes, there is a trick for everyone to try. Setting out glasses of juice for family members in the morning? Add a little gelatin to the juice for a solid surprise. Have a special occasion to celebrate? Instead of baking a cake, slather a gift box in chocolate frosting and lots of sprinkles. Someone will be in for a great surprise when they go to cut the cake.

Do you have a favorite (edible) trick to play on April Fools? Share it with us below!

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