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Desert beggars with chocolate

Desert beggars with chocolate

Mendiants are chocolate discs garnished with 4 dried or candied fruits.
The fruits initially used corresponded to the four main monastic orders: raisins for Augustinians, hazelnuts for Carmelites, dried figs for Franciscans and almonds for Dominicans.
Today we can find them decorated with various and different fruits; candied orange peel, nuts, Goji berries, etc.

  • 200 g of chocolate milk icing - Venezuela 43%
  • decor:
  • whole hazelnuts
  • dried mango
  • Goji berries
  • sugar ornaments

Servings: 10

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Dessert mendiants with chocolate:

Start by preparing all the ingredients for decoration.

Melt chocolate in a bain-marie.

Stir quickly with a spatula to obtain a uniform temperature.

Put with a spoon on a silicone sheet or parchment paper, chocolate discs with a diameter of 4-5 cm.

Decorate and let them crystallize in a cool place.

Peel and serve!

How to make a smoothie with chocolate peanut butter

First, I combined all the ingredients (except ice) in a blender and mixed it smoothly.

Second, I stopped him and then, again, I added crushed ice.

After that, I mixed it around again.

Finally, I poured it into the serving glasses and garnished it with several peanut butter and cocoa corks.

It was so delicious and this vegan peanut butter smoothie was gone in minutes.

Whenever the sun is at its peak and we look for a dessert as a soft drink, we simply mix it and we all enjoy every sip of it.

In general, it is a healthy treatment for breakfast and an easier dessert for all ages. Sometimes I freeze it in ice cream forms and my kids just love it in the form of ice cream as well.

Expert advice:

  • Be sure to mix the ice after you have mixed all the smoothie ingredients first. This thickens the smoothie.
  • It is advisable to garnish it with more cocoa feathers to give it extra crunchy bites.

It is also an excellent refreshment after training because it has a high protein content and is also satisfactory. It also serves as a great snack after school. Moreover, for me it is like a meal replacement because it is substantial and nutritious.

This tastes best when served immediately. However, you can refrigerate it overnight so that it thickens and you enjoy it like a bowl of smoothie.

Yes. This is an excellent combination of protein, fiber, calcium and other nutrients. No sugar and I naturally sweetened it with dates.

Maple syrup works best here to replace dates.

It is a creamy and thick smoothie with a strong chocolate flavor, along with the taste of peanut butter nuts. It also has crunchy bites from cocoa feathers.

You managed?
If you have the chance to make this recipe, please leave feedback in comments along with a 5 star rating. Also, follow me on Facebook or on the label @kiipfit on Instagram with your image to recreate the recipe, because we would like to see what you cooked.
You can also check out your comforting vegan recipe cookbooks on a daily basis.

6 varieties of Sweeteria chocolate, to everyone's taste

The new range contains 6 assortments of chocolate, one more delicious than another.

  • white chocolate with raspberry pieces
  • white chocolate with raspberry powder and matcha green tea
  • dark chocolate (vegan / fasting product)
  • dark chocolate with cherries (vegan / fasting product)
  • milk chocolate
  • milk chocolate, apple and cinnamon

If the first 4 are sweetened with stevia, just like the old chocolate assortments from them, for the last two we opted for the sweetening with agave syrup, for the first time in Romania. What they will be sweetened with or not, it is certain that they are delicious and it seems that another chocolate doesn't look as good to me since I tasted them.

In addition to the 6 wonderful chocolate bars, I also received a jar of Greentella, a spreadable chocolate paste and a bag of Sweetie beggars from chocolate, freeze-dried fruit and almonds. I don't like Nutella at all, but I enjoyed it and made some delicious chocolate croissants. And on the chocolate pennies with fruit there was simply a beating. Let me tell you, they have 0 calories?

In the package I also found a box of cereal bars, which I have enjoyed so far and a wafer with cream. They are delicious, just like those with cocoa or raspberries. Our wafer favorites are clearly the raspberry ones.

Have you tried the naturally sweetened sweets from Sweeteria? What's your favorite?


Sea buckthorn is very indicated in stimulating the immune system, in treating colds, flu, infections. For the treatment of hepatitis and cirrhosis, sea buckthorn juice and sea buckthorn decoction are excellent. In case of colds, flu, pneumonia, sea buckthorn syrup is consumed on an empty stomach or sea buckthorn cure is made with honey, thus speeding up healing. Internal hemorrhages, spleen and liver diseases are also treated with sea buckthorn juice or oil, as well as sea buckthorn powder. Sterility, depression, anxiety, diarrhea or dysentery are treated with sea buckthorn juice or powder. For example, as an emergency remedy for dysentery and diarrhea, as well as colitis, take a teaspoon of bark powder. Scratches and wounds, as well as burns can be treated with sea buckthorn oil.

It is recommended to consult a specialist or a phytotherapist before starting a long-term treatment of sea buckthorn!

The best chocolate shops in Paris: Dark creamy bars Ganaches

As one of the great culinary capitals of the world, Paris counts an honorable list of artisan chocolate factors among its inhabitants: cocoa experts, who bring authentic artistic flair to chocolates and invent the best of both traditional and eclectic recipes.

Dark chocolate is a real specialty among French chocolate artisans, as they are you won : chocolate candies made with cream, resulting, intensely, richly silky creamy centers.

A word of advice: A surprising number of these chocolate masters have iconic shops in and around the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, taking a car tour - guided by the best shops in the area entirely possible. Get off at St-Germain or Odéon metro, both on line 4 of the Metro, and get your best tastebuds testing ready chocolate & hellip

Chocolate Master # 1: Patrick Roger, iconoclastic cocoa

Award-winning and famous quirky chocolate maker Patrick Roger opened a pilot store in the St Germain district a few years ago, expanding from its original base located in the southern Paris suburb of Sceaux. As good at tradition as he is at innovation, Patrick Roger won the title of best French craftsman ( best opener r) in 2000. He is well known to food connoisseurs such as David Lebovitz for his Rochers (offering a contrast of smooth praline filling and crunchy hazelnut flecks), ganaches, or dark chocolate topped with flavors such as it would be lime or hot peppers. Do not miss his seasonal, and always whimsical, window shop offering all the polar bears chocolate and other sculptural creations.

Address: 108, B - dul St. Germain, 6th arrondissement
Metro: St.-Germain-des-Prés
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 43 29 38 42

Chocolate Maestro # 2: The Chocolate House

Opened in 1977 by Robert Linxe (who was once referred to as a "Ganache magician"), La Maison du Chocolat has several stores in Paris, and the house's world-famous chocolates can be ordered online. For those of you who are not crazy about bitter chocolate, this is your shop & ndash. La Maison du Chocolat never uses more than 65% cocoa in their confections to avoid a bitter taste. Famous worldwide for their ganaches, this store also specializes in truffles, beggars (slices of chocolate covered with dried fruit) and fruit bars or herbal notes.

Address (Flagship Store): 225, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 8th arrondissement
Metro: Place des Ternes
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 42 27 39 44

Paris Chocolate Master # 3: Michel Chaudun

Former head of La Maison du Chocolat, Michel Chaudun is, hands down, one of the best artisan chocolatiers in the world. Known for its whimsy as much as its classic craftsmanship, you can expect to find something from black bars or plain milk and artisanal chocolate truffles to look exactly like sausages, couture bags or vintage heels at its flagship store close to Invalides.

Chaudun is also a talented chocolate sculptor & ndash once threw a chocolate mold by performance artist Laurent Moriceau, who was then devoured by spectators at the Palais de Tokyo. This store is simply d e rigueur for chocolate lovers.

Address: 149 Rue de l & rsquoUniversite, 7 - arrondissement
Metro: Invalides
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 47 53 74 40

Chocolate Master # 4: Jean-Paul Hevin

Another famous chocolate artisan is Jean-Paul H. is wine, whose boutique type and tearoom upstairs chic in the heart of the Rue St Honoré fond fashion district a visit. At the boutique, high-quality solid chocolate bars and beautiful chocolate pastries stand out, in addition to a large collection of Genache and whimsical chocolate sculptures. H is The wine has a special talent for using Asian-inspired ingredients such as ginger and green tea. Macarons are also famous.

In the teahouse, we recommend you try one of Hevin's gourmet hot chocolate signature and his chocolate cakes are also sublime. See more about Jean-Paul Hevin in our guide to the best hot chocolate in Paris.

Address: 231 Rue Saint Honore, 1st arrondissement
Metro: Tuileries or Pyramids
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 55 35 35 96

Chocolate Master # 5: Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel's chocolate candies have been famous since the mid-20th century, when Michel Cluizel opened his first family store in Normandy. One of the rarest chocolate processors to process their own carefully selected cocoa beans, Cluizel chocolate candies are known for their distinct, balanced flavors. At the famous shop near the Tuileries Gardens and the St Honoré fashion district, visitors can indulge in dark bars or delicious milk, each made from a distinct blend of cocoa beans in Cluizel's Chocolate shop . Whole cocoa beans can also be purchased at the store.

Address: 201, Rue St. Honoré, 1st arrondissement
Metro: Tuileries
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 42 44 11 66

Chocolate Master # 7: Josephine Vannier

This is a lesser known gem of an artisan chocolate shop located in the Marais fashion neighborhood on the right bank. Offering a stunning range of creations, from chocolate masks, mini-grand pianos and replicas all to vintage chocolate ads, to classics such as Crispy nougatine , truffles, with walnut flavor beggars , the Joséphine Vannier store is guaranteed to seduce adults and children. Vannier is also well-known for his elaborate and artistically inspired Easter eggs and other chocolate creations, such as this sculptural egg creation dedicated to surrealist Salvador Dali and the famous melting watches.

Gourmet ice cream is also served here, including a flavor called "Groove", it is described on the store's website, quite cryptic, as "Sri Lankan pipes". Only one visit will reveal the mystery & hellip

Address: 4, rue du Pas de la Mule, 3rd arrondissement
Metro: Bastille
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 44 54 03 09

Chocolate Master # 8: Pierre Herme

Undoubtedly the world's most famous pastry chef - chef, Pierre Herme has also earned praise his gourmet chocolate line. At the main store in the St-Germain district, chocolate lovers will find an incomparable selection of chocolate cakes, pastries, and macaroons, as well as unclassifiable confections such as the famous "Chocolate Death" - the name speaks for itself. You can also sample safe chocolate varieties to stimulate the palate, such as pralines with caramelized sesame seeds or ganaches with balsamic vinegar and oranges.

Chocolate Master # 9: Patrice Chapon

However, another chocolate shop whose main ennobles the elegant streets around St-Germain and the 6th arrondissement, Chapon is especially appreciated for its bars with a single dark origin. They also sell a tempting variety of pralines, ganaches, and other creations.

Food writers over at Paris de Mouth especially recommend Chapon melt-in-your-mouth, a single-origin chocolate mousse bar.

Address (main store): 69, rue du Bac, 6 arrondissement
Metro: Rue du Bac
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 42 22 95 98

Chocolate Maestro # 10: A Sunday in Paris

To the delight of chocolate enthusiasts, a new concept store-centric cocoa opened its doors in Paris in 2011, & ldquoUn Dimanche un Paris & rdquo (a Sunday in Paris). Created by Pierre Cluizel (son of the chocolate master mentioned above Michel), the store made the St-Germain-des-Prés district even more of a center of gravity for chocolate.

The vast space comprises a boutique type offering signature chocolates and bars, macarons and other pastries, foie gras with chocolate, and other culinary creations teahouse and restaurant, chocolate lounge, and where amateur chefs workshop and makers Chocolate can attend classes and workshops covering French cuisine, pastries, and more.

Address: 4-6-8 Cours du Commerce Saint-Andre, arrondissement 6
Metro: Odeum
Tel .: +33 (0) 1 56 81 18 18

Dessert beggars with chocolate - Recipes

Myths about white chocolate collected from consumers

Yes, I realize it may seem like a battle lost from the start by white chocolate. About which many say that it is not even chocolate itself. But that doesn't mean we have to discriminate pralines by color.

Some of those who enter Leonidas chocolate shops reject white chocolate from the start. That's until he tastes it. Their surprise is even greater

From more detailed discussions with them, we deduced that white chocolate is avoided mainly for the following reasons:

  • Too high sugar content.
  • Intense taste of powdered milk.
  • It is difficult to associate with other creams, peanuts, almonds, additives.
  • It is not considered healthy.
  • Lack of more refined assortments.

These myths about white chocolate are related to the maturity of the market, which we have talked about in other articles. Decades of questionable products in stores have formed in the consumer's mind preconceived ideas that seem unshakable.

Everything until the tasting.

I try to explain to my Leonidas friends about the benefits of white chocolate only after tasting it. Once I feel pleasure, my curiosity increases:

“Why are they so good? I don't like white chocolate at all & # 8230 but that's something else. "

First of all, white chocolate contains only cocoa butter plus possibly milk. Then come the "secrets" Leonidas & # 8211 white chocolate coating is very well complemented with:

  • Praline cream
  • Coffee
  • Caramelized hazelnuts or hazelnuts
  • Caramel
  • Pistachio
  • Raisins
  • NUTS
  • Expanded rice

And - surprise! - all with minimal or no sugar.

Some of the above ingredients are complemented with white chocolate even better than dark chocolate (coffee, for example).

Is white chocolate healthy?

QUALITY white chocolate brings as many health benefits as cocoa butter (anti-aging, healthy hair, healthy skin and more). Of course, it doesn't bring that extra energy like dark chocolate, but that's not the purpose of white chocolate.

Who do I recommend white chocolate for and what can you associate it with?

To those who want to get out of the conventional. Those who, for one reason or another, are no longer allowed to consume too much cocoa.

White chocolate goes very well with a Rose, Lambrusco or Muscat wine. I recommend a praline tasting - wines with dear friends, but do not forget to follow the rule "from the lightest color (white chocolate, white wine) to the darkest."

I promise to come back with an article about wines and chocolate.

But white chocolate is not just associated with wine. From my attempts, I can recommend tasting hazelnut pralines with brie cheese.

A combination that I personally did not try but that was recommended to me: Mendiants white chocolate discs (or white chocolate tablets) together with caviar. As soon as I try, I will share your experience.

Green tea also goes tasted with white chocolate and even combined in certain cake recipes.

Also in the drinks category, a triple distilled abbey beer - specific to Belgium & # 8211 is well complemented with white chocolate.

Or you can simply taste it yourself. Both beer and chocolate.

Ion Codreanu - John, as my friends call me - and I am the official representative of Leonidas in Romania, being involved in the premium praline business for over 7 years. I am passionate about quality things and the father of 2 children, a fine connoisseur of the market in which I operate. You can occasionally read me in the business press and on this blog, but you will also find me at the Leonidas Beller chocolate shop where I will personally make recommendations from the wonderful Leonidas universe.

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