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Orange plaice rolls

Orange plaice rolls

Recipe Orange plaice rolls of of 27-01-2017 [Updated on 20-02-2018]

The orange plaice rolls are an easy and quick preparation but also very choreographic. Fish with citrus fruits is one of my absolute favorite combinations and cooked in this way is a decidedly healthy and light dish. In this recipe of the very delicate plaice fillets they are a treasure chest for the prawns while the orange juice and peel enhance the flavor giving a citrus note and a touch of color. Refined and tasty, that's how I like to define this delicious fusion of flavors.
Here you can also find the video recipe I made for Olio Cuore in which you can see me at work with the dish.
I greet you and go to the kitchen, today I have 2 new ingredients to try, quince and black cabbage;)


How to make orange plaice rolls

In a bowl, prepare an emulsion with the grated peel of two oranges and the oil.

Meanwhile, clean the prawns by shelling them and eliminating the intestines.

Now take the plaice fillets.

On each of them put salt, pepper, chives, and place a prawn.
Then roll up gently.

Block the rolls with a wooden toothpick.

Transfer them to a pan with a drizzle of oil and a poached garlic.

Once browned, add the orange juice and cook for a couple of minutes.

Your orange plaice rolls are ready to be served. Remove the wooden toothpick and sprinkle them with the oil and orange peel emulsion prepared earlier.

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