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Beans all’uccelletto

Beans all’uccelletto

Recipe Beans all’uccelletto di of 04-02-2016 [Updated on 26-05-2017]

Beans all'uccelletto are one of the typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine. The name of the dish probably comes from the type of flavorings used for the sauce, pepper and sage, often used for the preparation of meat, the famous little birds. In any case, this dish in its simplicity is really rich in taste and perfect for warming up the winter days. Beans all'uccelletto are my proposal for this Thursday, to intersperse a little the carnival recipes of recent days. Today I am struggling with the recording of the new video recipes, this afternoon instead I will dedicate myself to frying the thousand thousand sweet streamers to bring tomorrow for the carnival party with Elisa's friends;) Now I run away, a kiss and have a good day; *


How to make beans all'uccelletto

Put the beans in a pan and boil them with water for about 1 hour, after having soaked them for 12-24 hours.

Brown the garlic and the sprig of sage in a pan with a little oil.

Add the peeled tomatoes and cook the sauce for about twenty minutes or until you get a nice thick sauce.

Then add the salted and peppered boiled beans.

Stir and continue cooking for about ten minutes.

Season with salt and add pepper.

Then serve your beans all'uccelletto.

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